User Experience Platform powered by First Party Data

Grow your audience & traffic alongside better user experiences and lift revenue by building and activating your first party data. Single Sign-On and connect all the Audience data.

Transfon AMP

New Operating System for Digital Publishers and Marketers

First Party Customer Data Platform
Collect, analyze and activate first party audience data with consent.
Audience Engagement Suite
Create meaningful, personalised experiences that deliver value across every touchpoint for your audience.
Real-Time Analytics Dashboard
Discover new insights about your users with aggregated user engagement data into one simple dashboard.
Powered by NLP and AI Engine
Increase the user engagement with your websites with our fine-tuned AI engine.

All-in-one platform

All the modern features you may want as a digital publishing website in one platform.

Login and users management
Turn visitors to be members with the first-party identity and establish a closer relationship with your audience.
Single sign-on and OTP
Integrate with your existing identity management system, or use the built-in password-less SSO, to seamlessly manage access and paid channels.
Community building
@Mentions, #Hashtags, Follow, chat feature around topics channels and pages.
Comments & Moderation
Facebook Style Embeddable Comments Widgets and fitting into your pages.
Declarative Data Collection and management
Start to collect first-party data from users wisely and obtain explicit consent from consumers before collecting and using their data.
Multiple-channel Identity resolution
Connect the dots from Desktop, Mobile apps, Web push Notifications, Chat, Email, SMS and Social, Out-of-Home, In-Store etc.
Trigger one-to-one campaigns, provide one-to-one recommendations based on user behaviours and first-party data.
Email and newsletters
Send and manage persoanlised Email communcation and newsletters based on user's behaviours and interest.
Paywall and subscription management
Dynamic, metered, hard paywall & payment processing, taxes and VAT, recurring billing, automated emails, accounting reports.
Self-serving & Simple Configuration
You can install our system on your sites in less than 10min and get started.
24/7 Technical Support
The team is available 24/7 to provide support and address all your concerns.
High Availability
Build with our expertise in managing high availability and reliable large scale systems.