Authenticated Traffic Solution for Publishers

Implemente privacy-first authenticated traffic solution for publishers in the new cookieless world and generate addressable and targetable traffic for programmatic advertising.

Authenticated Traffic Solution for Publishers

What is Authenticated Traffic?

Authenticated Traffic is generated by logged in users when they visit or use a website. Authenticated Traffic Solutions enable publishers to create privacy first, transparent, targetable premium advertising traffic with much higher CPM. It is a solution to increase revenue for the post-cookie and privacy-first digital marketing world. It is privacy first and compliant with global privacy laws.

Authenticated Traffic system uses pseudonymized, person-based identifier and Zero and first-party data given by the users and happening after user's agreement and consent. Compared with the other solutions in the cookie-less world such as Google's FLoC and Topics API owned by platforms, Authenticated Traffic is owned by independent publishers. Publishers and their users both have precise control of the personal data and data flow. It is more healthy and transparent, easy to understand.

How to generate and utilise Authenticated Traffic as a publisher?

The first step is installing and setup user registration software on your website. Ideally, you can choose a service like UniSignIn Platofrm with the features: SSO, data collection, audience segmentation, CDP for a better user experience and create advertising segments. Then you have to integrate your user registration system with your consent management system to allow users to control their data and privacy. The last step is creating targetable audience segments and integrating them with your advertising platforms.

How UniSignIn's solution different from the other CDP and identity platforms?

UniSignIn's Authenticated Traffic Solution for Publishers has first-party integration with consent management platforms. It is self-serve and easy to integrate with a website, always can be done within a week.

Compard with the other CDP or DMP, UniSignIn provide a complete suite and integrations: user registration features, single-signin features, data collection etc features.

Streamlined Identity Management

Automate onboarding, offboarding, and lifecycle management for your users across your digital assets.

Audience segments and user profile

Audience segments and user profile

Aggregate, segment and deliver persoanlised user experience based on your user data. Increase engagement and revenue by turning audience data to accurate, actionable, predictive marketing and audience segments.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

UniSignIn is all-in-one first-party data platform to collect and manage the first-party data of your digital assets.