First Party Data Management Platform

Collect, activate and segment first-party data for marketing and user acquisition. Create personalized real-time interaction and customer experiences in scale.

Data collection Form Builder

Declarative data collection form builder

Define your first party data models and build data collection form without coding knowledges. Enrich your owned first-party user data profile.

Incremental first-party data collection within user journeys

Incremental first-party data collection within user journeys

Deploy targeted and triggered cross-channel campaigns based on segment and existing profile data to enrich first-party data.

Customer profile and loyalty-program

Customer profile and loyalty-program

Recognise and reward loyal users across channels. Onboarding and convert audience to loyalty users.

Frequently asked questions

What is first party data?

First party data is information that is collected about a user via a company where a user is directly an audience or a customer. The company owns the digital marketing data sources such as websites, mobile apps, CRM, social media etc.

First party data is used to identify consumer preferences, including:

  • Demography: age, gender, income, education, geographic location
  • Interests, hobbies and passions
  • Purchase history and intentions
  • Visit and interactions logs
  • Etc

  • First party data is considered more valuable because of the quality of the data, the trust and relationship you have built with the user. Learn more about first party data.

    Everything you need

    All-in-one platform

    UniSignIn is all-in-one first-party data platform to collect and manage the first-party data of your digital assets.