Content Intelligence Platform

Extract keywords, taxonomy, and named entities seamlessly, aligning with both Google and IAB taxonomy systems. Optimize your content signals, empowering publishers to amplify content-based targeting and boost revenue.

Guide for PublishersContent Intelligence Platform

In the dynamic world of digital publishing, staying ahead means harnessing the power of intelligent content insights. UniSignIn's Content Intelligence Platform is your key to unlocking a new era of precision and profitability.

Extract Insights Effortlessly

UniSignIn effortlessly extracts keywords, taxonomy, and named entities from your content, ensuring alignment with both Google and IAB taxonomy systems. Stay in sync with industry standards and maximize your content's visibility.

Optimize Content Signals for Revenue Boost

Take control of your revenue stream by leveraging UniSignIn to pass refined content signals to your DSP or ad system. Enhance content-based targeting and watch your revenue soar as you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Strategic Content Segmentation

UniSignIn empowers publishers to strategically segment content based on the extracted taxonomy and keywords. Tailor your approach, deliver targeted content, and captivate your audience with precision.

Key Features

1. Keyword and Taxonomy Extraction

UniSignIn's advanced algorithms effortlessly extract keywords and taxonomy, ensuring your content aligns seamlessly with Google and IAB standards.

2. Named Entity Recognition

Achieve a deeper understanding of your content with UniSignIn's robust named entity recognition capabilities, providing valuable insights into key elements.

3. Content Signal Optimization

Boost your revenue streams by optimizing content signals, allowing publishers to connect with their audience more effectively through DSP or ad systems.

4. Strategic Content Segmentation

UniSignIn enables publishers to segment content strategically based on taxonomy and keywords, offering a competitive edge in content delivery.

Stay ahead in the digital publishing landscape with UniSignIn's Content Intelligence Platform – where precision meets profitability.

Realtime first-party data segmentation and targeting

Realtime first-party data segmentation and targeting

Connect user volunteered data with your first-party data, second party data third-party data. Establish reliable, transparent and consented first-party usre profile.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

UniSignIn is all-in-one first-party data platform to collect and manage the first-party data of your digital assets.