Consent Rate Optimization Guide for Publishers

Recover non-consent traffic with good user experiences. Deliver personailsed messages to non-consent users and increase advertising revenue.

Consent Rate Optimization Guide for PublishersHow to increase consent rate with UniSignIn

What is consent and non-consent traffic?

Consent happens when all people visiting a website and agree to share personal data with the publisher and third-party vendors by making choice at a consent manager or other UI.

The most popular consents are IAB TCF 2.0 consent for the EU publisher and audiences, CCPA consent for California users, App Tracking Transparency (ATT) consent within an iOS application.

Non-Consent users are the users have not given consent to the publishers and the users "rejected" the request from publishers. By law and privacy regulations, publishers are not able to display advertising or revelent ads to the non-consent users.

How non-consent traffic impact your advertising revenue?

Based on regional privacy laws, a publishers relying on advertising revenue won't be able to 100% monetise the non-consent traffic and causes revenue loss.

Publishers won't be able to display digital advertising to EU users if the user has not given consents based on EU GDPR because most advertising vendors are using personal data.

How to measure the non-consent traffic and estimate the revenue loss?

There are many ways to measure the non-consent traffic of a website:

  • Use Google Analytics API and IAB TCF 2.0 API to build a in-house solution
  • Use a consent manager with consent rate measurement features
  • Use UniSignIn's consent rate analysis feature

Consent rate optimization best practices and solutions to recover the non-consent traffic

You can improve the consent rate in the following ways

  • Build trust and brand loyalty with audiences
  • Improve the user experiences of your website
  • Avoid heavy advertising slowing down the pages

Based on the research result from UniConsent, users are more likely to give consent to the publishers with a good reputation and good user experiences.

Consent recovery reminder

You can increase cosnent rate by reminding the non-consent users to give consent again.

Explain how you use user's data clearly to users and request consent again with a friendly way.

Avoid dark patterns

You have to avoid the dark patterns of consent management to avoid non-compliance of privacy laws.

A consent is only valid when it is freely given and not forced to agree based on GDPR and other privacy laws.

Consent rate optimization with UniSignIn's user experience engine

You can define custom rules to deliver the consent recovery reminder messages to users to optimise consent rate with good user experiences.

Consent recovery and consent rate optimization

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Realtime first-party data segmentation and targeting

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