UniSignIn Tag Manager


You can use UniSignIn's experience orchestration engine to manage and load third-party javascript tags like using Google tag manager or other tag managers.

You can create orchestration rules about when and how to load the third-party javascript tags based on the content of a webpage or user's profile data and other data you have.

1. Setup a new javascript tag

You can set up a new javascript tag by creating a special type of Experience: 'Tag Loader' at the Audience Operation Experience management section.

2. Deliver the javascript tag with an orchestration engine rule

You can set up multiple orchestration rules at UniSignIn experience orchestration engine to define how the tag is created at the first step delivering.

The following criteria can be used to define the delivery rules:

Web page data:

  • Domain
  • URL
  • URL Query
  • Cookie
  • First Referrer
  • Last Referrer
  • Meta property
  • Page title
  • Page canonical
  • Article age

Time data:

  • Day of week
  • Day of month
  • User hour of the day

User profile data:

  • User ID
  • Full name
  • Last name

User behavior data:

  • GEO country
  • IP
  • Time zone
  • Language
  • User Agent
  • Device type
  • Browser type
  • First seen
  • Last seen
  • Active days
  • Pageview of the day
  • Article view of the day
  • Article view of the week
  • Article view of the month

Other custom data fields you manage

3. Tag delivery analytics

You can find how the tag delivery analytics data at the Insight section of the orchestration rules.