Organizations are the top-level structure in a UniSignIn account. Account Manager can create multiple Organizations but normally only one Organization is used in production. You can create multiple projects or websites, applications under the Organization for the Network account type.

The data in Userbase can be shared across the projects under the same Organization.


The website or application with a unique root domain. You can choose one website as the Primary project. UniSignIn system is installed and integrated on the website and enables the UniSignIn features on the website.


Userbase and profile management is the core feature of UniSignIn. Account Managers can manage profile data of the users in one place as a single source of truth for first-party user data.

User Experience

Experience is the UI elements and touchpoints with users and delivered by a set of rules by the UniSignIn platform. It is the container of UI elements provided by Features like Sign up, Forms, Messages. It could be a popup box, content wall, on-page embed DIVs or newsletter etc.

Experience Orchestration

Experience Orchestration is the rule set defined by the Account Manager about how to deliver the User Experience to users.

Data Exchange

As the single source of truth of the first-party user data, UniSignIn integrates with multiple third-party systems and exchanges data with these thrid party partners like data analysis providers or email providers in real-time.