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The UniSignIn Comments Module allows users to comment on your site's content using their UniSignIn account. Users have the option to share their comment activity within the UniSignIn network, and the module offers integrated moderation tools for efficient management.

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Comments Widget


A dynamic tool that fosters community engagement and encourages user interaction on your website.

With this feature, users can easily share their thoughts, feedback, and opinions on your content, creating a vibrant and interactive environment.

From sparking discussions to building connections, the Comments Widget empowers users to actively participate in the conversation, enriching the overall user experience and fostering a sense of community around your brand.


1User Comments
Enable users to leave comments on your content, fostering interaction and engagement.
2Moderation Tools
Provide moderators with tools to manage and moderate user comments effectively.
3Upvote and Downvote
Allow users to express their opinions by upvoting or downvoting comments, promoting community-driven content curation.
4Comment Sorting
Enable users to sort comments by different criteria such as newest, oldest, most upvoted, or most replied, enhancing usability and navigation.
Notify users of new replies, mentions, or activity on their comments, keeping them engaged and informed.
6Fast Loading
Ensure fast loading times for the comments widget to deliver a seamless user experience and minimize wait times.


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