User Account Center

Enable audience authentication for a Mobile App or Website. Centralized hub for managing user accounts and settings.

CIAMIdentity Management
user account center


Introducing the "User Account Center" feature within UniSignIn's comprehensive first-party data management platform.

This robust tool empowers users with a centralized hub to manage their account settings and preferences effortlessly.

From updating personal information to adjusting notification preferences, the User Account Center provides a seamless and intuitive experience, enhancing user control and satisfaction.

Moreover, publishers can easily integrate the User Account Center with their platform to enable user authentication, establishing a secure and streamlined login process.

Additionally, the feature allows publishers to establish their unique identity management system, ensuring efficient user identity management and access permissions.

With the User Account Center, publishers can leverage UniSignIn's advanced capabilities to collect valuable first-party data directly from users, enriching their understanding of audience preferences and behaviors.

This data can then be utilized by publishers to personalize content, optimize marketing strategies, and drive user engagement, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success in the digital landscape.


1User Registration
Enable users to register accounts for accessing your platform.
2Single Sign-On
Streamline user authentication with a single sign-on solution.
3Identity Management
Efficiently manage user identities and access permissions.
4Social Login
Allow users to log in using their social media accounts for convenience.


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