User Feedback

Collect valuable feedback to improve user experience.

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user feedback


Introducing our new "User Feedback Widget" feature—a powerful tool designed to elevate user engagement and empower your audience to share their thoughts and opinions effortlessly.

With this intuitive widget, collecting valuable feedback from your users becomes seamless and efficient.

Whether it's gathering insights on product experiences, soliciting suggestions for improvement, or receiving praise for exceptional service, the User Feedback Widget facilitates open communication between you and your audience.

Harness the collective wisdom of your users to drive continuous improvement and deliver exceptional user experiences tailored to their needs and preferences.

With the User Feedback Widget, listening to your users has never been easier.


1Customizable Feedback Forms
Design feedback forms tailored to your business needs. Add fields for specific questions, rating scales, and open text responses to capture detailed user insights.
2Real-Time Feedback Analysis
Analyze user feedback in real-time, allowing you to identify trends, respond to issues promptly, and make informed decisions for product or service improvements.
3Automated Follow-Up
Set up automated responses and follow-up communications based on user feedback, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.
4Role-Based Access Control
Grant specific team members access to feedback data, ensuring the right people can analyze, act on, and manage user feedback appropriately.


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