Why and how to convert audience to users and customers?

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Why and how to convert audience to users and customers?

How to convert audience to users and customers and establish a close relationship with your audience flying around?

Why establish a close relationship with your audience?

The modern digital marketing funnel starts from content creation to attract audiences. Internet users fly around to be interrupted and distracted and attracted by all kinds of online media: social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter; search engines like Google, Bing; digital publishers like global publishers or local news publishers.

Most consumer brands started to use all the funnels to acquire customers by creating a footprint on the social network or creating valuable content at first-party owned media assets or running paid marketing advertising campaigns on third-party publishers and targeting potential customer segments to drive traffic to the first party media.

Because of the nature of publisher business a publishing content, unlike functional application or modern social network application with strong features to manage user's data, most digital publishers have no system to manage their own 'customers'. It is also too expensive to adopt or use the user registration system or customer data platform. Some self-built user login systems also lake features to integrate with the external partners and ecosystem.

Why convert audience to users and customers

In order to better use first-party data and generate diversified revenue streams, publishers are thinking and positioning themselves as a brand in the ecosystem. The marketing stack required by consumer brands are also used by publishers: email marketing, SEO, customer data management, personalised content or advertising campaigns.

When a publisher has established a first-party relationship and established a communication channel with an audience, the publisher is able to retain and recall the users from the noisy digital world.

By establishing such communication channels and having the user registered at a publisher owned data platform. A publisher can provide better services and user experiences to the users because there are more data given by the user and the publisher has a better idea of what the user is interested in and like, want.

How to convert audience to users and customers

UniSignIn is created especially for large digital publishers' business in mind. It is easy to install on any website, even on a static generated website and has all the modern features and connections and integrations with the whole ecosystem: social network, search engine, email marketing platform, advertising system, data exchange system.

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UniSignIn is a part of Transfon’s privacy-first User Experience Platform serves tens of millions of users per day to provide a seamless privacy experience for both users and publishers in the age of post GDPR. Contact us to know more: [email protected]

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