Five tips to drive more users to sign up

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Five tips to drive more users to sign up

You are not alone like to increase the user number of your application or website and getting more users and customers.

Digital marketers started to create different communication channels to deliver messages to users, either establishing a newsletter or building a community. What are the tools and tips to drive more user sign-ups for your business?

There are three major factors to get more users to sign up for a website:

  • Get the trust from users
  • Making the reason to sign up straightforward
  • Improve the conversion rate by making the sign-up experience simple and easy

1. Setup a registration wall for your content

This is proven an efficient way to drive user signups by many publishers such as New York Times, The Guardian etc... The logic is simple and easy to understand: users have to sign up or even pay a subscription to read more content or read premium content.

You can use UniSignIn to manage registration wall for your website: metrics-based registration wall or context and content based registration wall.

2. Create a meaningful reason for registration

A meaningful and simple reason is required for users to take action to sign up for your website.

User focus is very short based on researchers so the reason should be straightforward.

3. Special offers for registered users

You can bundle a special offer for the registered users or subscription users, either physical or digital. The offers should be relevant to your website and your audience. It is easier to drive more users by offering in front of your sign up door, and the users know they will get these just after signing up.

4. Use interaction and features required logging in

Some features on your website can be obversely for users to sign up. Such as following a topic, commenting on an article, saving articles within your application or website for later reading, follow the update of a topic or news.

You can trigger the user registration at the moment when users are going to use these features:

  • Comments
  • Personalised content
  • Notification
  • Message Inbox
  • Follow the update of a topic
  • Vote
  • Survey
  • Daily registration
  • Like an article

5. Turn email list and newsletter users to registration users

If you have already got a user base like a newsletter list or social account, you can add the sign-up link within your content to convert these users to registered users. A meaningful reason is still required, but these users are more likely to sign up because you have already established a kind of trust.

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